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6 thoughts on “What is the maximum AC current that I need and what size circuit breaker should I install?”

  1. Error Message:  The NMotion SMC could not be started.  Error: FireWire Card is not configured for the A3200 (NO RTX INF)

    How do I address this problem?

    1. Hi Greg,

      This message means that the FireWire card is not configured properly for use with the A3200. For the most accurate information, please review the help file’s “Software and Hardware Installation” section on how to “Configure RTX to Work with the FireWire card.” This will walk you through step-by-step to properly configure the card for A3200 use, which involves loading RTX drivers.

      This will have different steps for different operating systems, so choose the most appropriate section. What sounds to be specifically wrong is that the card was not set to have “RTX INF support”. This is done in RTX Properties (which can be found in your Start menu under Ardence, Venturcom, or IntervalZero (depending on the age of the software).

      I have also emailed you a customer service case number. Please respond to that email if you have any further questions, or to let us know that this has resolved your issue.

      Best regards,
      Aerotech Field Service

  2. In Ensemble Configuration Manager – What is the purpose/function of the selected default parameter file?
    We can find any reference to what the “use as default parameters” selection does in help or see what it does in practice.

    1. Hi Garry, In the current version, 4.02.004, there is an option in the Preferences menu to set a certain parameter file as the default parameter file. This can help integrators of Aerotech products whom use similar equipment in multiple machine setups to have a parameter file mostly configured for their machine.

      For example, if the integrator normally used the same motor and encoder in their machine, then they could use their custom default parameter file and only spend time optimizing the servo loop servo gains.
      We have emailed you a customer service case number. Please respond to that email if you have any further questions, or to let us know that this has resolved your issue.

      Best regards,
      Jim, Aerotech Field Service Engineer

  3. We got problem with MFO function in A3200 controllers. For some reasons we use rate based ramping and set optimal acceleration values for axes. So when MFO is not equal 100% its also changes acceleration which causes position errors on corners. Is there any way to make MFO affect only speed? 

    1. Dear Mr Shevchenko,

      MFO only scales the feedrate (coordinated speed) and does not scale the coordinated acceleration or deceleration settings. However, when operating in VELOCITY ON mode, higher feedrates often result in higher axis-based accelerations. For example: considering motion that results in a corner. If the feedrate remains constant through the corner, one axis must instantly decelerate from full speed to zero speed and the other axis must instantly accelerate from zero speed to full speed. This results in large axis-based accelerations, even though the coordinated acceleration is zero. When the feedrate is higher, which is caused by increasing MFO, the axis-based accelerations around the corner will be higher.

      The solution is to use the CoordinatedAccelLimit and CoordinatedCircularAccelLimit parameters to cause the controller to slow down around the corner, reducing the magnitude of the axis-based accelerations.

      For more information, please check your email for information related to Customer Service case #8848, which was opened on your behalf on 2012.07.19.

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