5 Ways Aerotech Piezo Nanopositioners Can Improve Your Precision Motion

Aerotech has designed and developed an extensive line of piezo nanopositioners over the past several years to include X, XY, and Z-axis models, as well as a full suite of perfectly matched controls and drives – and software that is easy to use with many advanced features. Our foray into the world of piezo nanopositioners included an examination of the best and worst features of the products that were then on the market, with the goal to improve upon every aspect. We were able to fully meet our design and performance expectations. In so doing, we believe (and are confident you will too!) that our piezo nanopositioners can offer you at least five competitive advantages in your precision motion application.

1. Real Specifications: We provide real, guaranteed specifications that can be independently verified. Many of our competitors provide “typical” specifications or measurement levels that can be achieved in some applications, but not all. We can provide actual calibration reports for each product and our performance specifications have been independently verified by an outside national laboratory.

2. Flexibility: We offer the flexibility of custom designs (travels, configurations, materials, etc.) as well as open or closed-loop versions of each of our piezo nanopositioners. Why not have the exact design that is a perfect fit for your application? Aerotech has been providing custom precision motion solutions for over 45 years.

3. Intuitive and Powerful Controls and Software: Aerotech piezo controls were designed with your applications in mind. We listened to piezo nanopositioner users when they described the software limitations and problems they faced, and we did something about it. Try our controls – we know you’ll become a believer.

4. One-Stop-Shop: We’ve created a one-stop-shop for your convenience. Why cobble together stages from one vendor, controls and software from another, and drives from another? Convenience and a holistic system lead to the utmost precision and the lowest cost of ownership available.

5. We’ll be There: Aerotech has a long history of outstanding service. We stand behind everything we sell. If you have a problem we can either solve it remotely or at your site to get you back to your work quickly.

Let us know if you’d like to try-out one of our piezo nanopositioning systems. We’d be happy to discuss your needs and describe how Aerotech’s piezo nanopositioners can make your application better. We can even host you at our factory for a tour and a demonstration!

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  1. I like that you can provide guaranteed specifications that can be verified. I have looked at a lot of different places, and like you said it is just a general specification. Also i like the fact that you offer custom design. I think that it is very important that a company can cater to the needs of their clients.

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