New Webcast: Acceleration versus Error – Balancing Performance for Cylindrical Laser Processing Applications

Aerotech’s Scott Schmidt, Laser Processing & Micromachining Group Manager, presented a webcast on May 12 titled Acceleration versus Error – Balancing Performance for Cylindrical Laser Processing Applications. Anyone interested in improving their cylindrical laser processing application can reap valuable information on how to improve their process. While the discussion centered on stents, the lessons learned are applicable to all cylindrical laser processing and micromachining applications.

The webcast outlined the key performance challenges of throughput (acceleration), form errors (accuracy), and the typical hardware choices available. Particular attention was paid to optimization techniques such as velocity profiling, acceleration management, system tuning, and part profile optimization. The webcast concludes with an overview of available advanced features and future advances that promise to continue refining this important application.

The webcast is available on-demand on the Laser Focus World website. We hope the information is helpful in your own endeavors, and would be happy to discuss how Aerotech can be your partner in improving your process or designing a completely new system.

Watch the full webcast